Varnish, finishing coats and sealer

Polyurethane Varnish, finishing coats and sealer are made to seal and protect your model. Use before and after paints and decals to ease and secure application. They are suitable for interior use only, acrylic polyurethane coating, water soluble.

Varnish, finishing coats and sealer can be used to seal models and 3d prints prior to painting. Apply after painting to seal and protect against knocks and chips. For best results build up in thin coats for a deeper more durable finish. Although clear parts can be dip coated for an outstanding shine and finish. This method is extremely good for tinting of windscreens etc.

A Kleer tint can be used to seal and improve visibility of depressions. Thereby prime and pre-shade in one go.

Kleer Glitter will add that bit of sparkle to suits of armour, daemons, dragons and faeries. At the same time giving protection and depth to the finish.

Want easier application and positioning of decals and water-slide transfers? Then Decal prime is a coating that helps just that. Coat the area the decal is to be applied and see how much easier it is. When fully dry the decal can be coated over with either gloss or matt varnish to hold in place and protect it.

Dip coat as primer. It is possible to dip coat a model before painting. This is effective especially with 3d prints to seal prior to applying paint. Allow to dry thoroughly between coats. Being water based means its easy to clean brushes etc with clean water.

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