Texturing Rollers and Handles

Texturing Rollers and handles
I have a huge range of standard rollers including Brick, Block, Tiles, scales and even Skulls! These will help you produce outstanding models. They are available in standard widths to fit the handles. Standard rollers are 54mm wide (approx.) and 22-24mm diameter
Watch the tutorial video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCrITMi1IhY&t=1s

Handles: standard handles hold a standard roller. While a wide handle will hold 2 standard rollers side by side. Meanwhile the extra wide will hold 3 standard rollers. In contrast the small handle is made between the tracks rollers and can be used for the edging rollers.

Texturing Rollers and handles consist of standard rollers around 54mm wide. While between track rollers will fit between a normal oo/ho rail track. In addition I have produced some edging rollers that will also fit the small handle.

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