Printed Models, Kits & Conversions

Scale models and kits of unusual and often unique subjects. These are mostly designed and produced in-house.

Always on the look out for new challenges and suggestions. So this section will grow accordingly.

I use a variety of printers depending on the subject and scale. FDM printers melt and lay a layer of plastic one at a time until the print is complete. This method often means the levels can be seen. LED resin printers use ultra violet light emitting diodes to turn liquid resin into solid, again a layer at a time. However, the layers of the resin’curing’ machine are far less in height than those of the fdm and are often indistinguishable.

LED printers have smaller build areas and are dearer to use so generally smaller more detailed things will be printed with LED while larger objects will be printed using FDM.

Some kits & conversions will have a mixture of both kinds of prints. There are a number of materials used to make my kits and models. Different characteristics are needed for different parts. For example tank tracks need to flex. In this case I print with a flexible filament. The tank body is large so I print it with PLA filament. However the optical sight for the missile launcher needs a lot of detail, so I’ll print in resin.

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