Exclusive 3D Printed models

My exclusive 3d printed models often unique and rare. Kits, Models and kit conversions in various scales and scales to order.

Customer suggestions for future designs are very welcome. Do you have a model or conversion that you cannot find? Then get in touch – maybe we can help.

Most of the models or conversions we produce came from requests by my modelling friends. In this John Whitworth of Carmarthen Modellers and Dennis Lunn of South Wales MAFVA have been particularly fruitful in providing ideas, drawings, pictures and inspiration. Both of theses esteemed persons have requested models that were unavailable but were of personal interest. In this I was only too pleased to help.

I am extremely grateful to them and my other contributors and collaborators. I am also proud to have been involved with them in producing these exclusive 3d printed models.

If you have a particular item that you can’t find then please get in touch by email, phone, carrier pigeon or any other form of communication and I’ll see what I can do to help. I will look at any project that piques my interest – and even some mundane ones as well, my interests are wide and varied so give it a whirl, you never know.

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