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Featured products of our ever – growing ranges of 3d printed models, kits and kit conversions. Many as a result of friend & customer requests. So subject suggestions are always welcome.

Designs are produced from plans where possible. Also from drawings, pictures or even just ideas if that’s all that’s available.

For example our texturing rollers started by a request from Dave Burton for a stamp to produce 1:35 scale bricks. And the second version of our track jig was in response to a need for a tool to hold links upright to be able to get at. In both theses cases I tried to make something that would be better than just fulfilling the request. I experimented and improved and still am. Very often I think a design is complete. Then further down the road an improvement will occur to me so I’ll implement it! This means that I reserve the right to alter any design without notice and that pictures or illustrations may not always match the result.

In contrast the Mumbles Tram, shown as the featured products icon, was produced from actual plans. However, some parts needed altering due to scale strength. For example – as a consequence the window frames are over size.

Model makers and builders often come to me when they either can’t find what they want – or are restricted somehow in what they can find. I’m always interested in the unusual and different form the ‘Norm’.  So I’m always on the lookout for things to get involved with new and interesting projects.

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