080 AVRE Trailer var scales


080 AVRE Trailer available in various scales


The AVRE trailer was designed to go through all terrain while carrying heavy loads. Typically Fascines and Trackways.(see my other listings)


AVRE trailers

An Armoured Sled was provided for AVRE with droppable sides, allowing further engineering supplies to be dragged by the vehicle. Engineers also used Gutted Carrier based on the universal carrier or its predecessor vehicles, for the same purpose. These were stripped of engine and internals, and dragged using the same linkage used for Conger.

Post war, a dedicated AVRE trailer, designated “Trailer, Cargo, 7 1/2 ton, 4 wheeled, Centurion A.V.R.E.” provided a cross country load carrying capability behind the AVRE. see wiki

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