128 Series11 a & b FC variants



The series11a & b my version 3d printed, unpainted model kit. colours will vary.

Series IIA forward control

The series IIA FC launched in 1962 was based on the series IIA 2.25-litre petrol engine and 109 in (2,769 mm) chassis, with the cab positioned over the engine to give more load space. Export vehicles were the first Land-Rovers to get the 2.6-litre petrol engine. Most examples had an ENV (heavy duty) rear axle, a matching front axle came later. Tyres were large 900×16 types on deep-dish wheel rims to spread the ground weight of this heavy vehicle. These vehicles were somewhat underpowered for the increased load capacity (1.5 long tons or 1,500 kg), and most had a hard working life. Less than 2,500 were made, and most had a utility body, but surviving examples often have custom bodywork. With an upgraded powertrain, they can be used as a small motorhome. The vehicle was not the first COE vehicle produced by the plant, since they had also produced the Leyland 15/20 which was based on the Standard Atlas.

Series IIB forward control

Land Rover Series IIB forward control
The series IIB FC produced from 1966 was similar to the series IIA FC but added the 2.25-litre diesel engine as an option. The 2.25-litre engine was the standard engine for this model, the 2.6-litre engine being only available for export.

Heavy duty wide-track axles (designed by ENV) were fitted to improve vehicle stability, as was a front anti-roll bar and revised rear springs which were mounted above the axle rather than below it. In the process the wheelbase was increased to 110 in (2,794 mm). Production ended in 1974 when Land-Rover rationalised its vehicle range. Many IIB components were also used on the “1 Ton” 109 in vehicle.

There were a number of different fronts. The appropriate front will be included with the chosen back, together with chassis, road wheels & spare, cab interior.

A variety of bodies were constructed. I hope to eventually make each one. Here are some available now:

Ambulance (often converted to mobile homes)
Fire Tender
Hard back
Luton with over cab section
Cherry picker with elevating platform

suggestions for other variants always welcome.

illustrations for information only designs and colours may vary, kits need assembly, glue and paint(nit included).

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 250 × 150 × 150 mm

1:24, 1:35, 1:43, 1:48

body type

Ambulance, Firefly, Cargo, Pickup, Tender, Hardback, Luton, Cherry picker


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