179 AA Radar no.4 Mk.7 trailer



3d printed radar trailer fv2803 with Anti Aircraft Radar No.4 Mk.7

the kit is designed so that it can represent the radar either in use or ready for transit.

The Radar worked in the ‘S’ band used for locating aircraft up to 120,000 yards. It could direct fire control or target illuminating equipment.

The radar was a ‘Cheese and parabolic reflector’ type. when not in use the reflector was folded over the ‘Cheese’ dish and turned along the length of the cabin and the protective frame raised up. When in use stabilising legs were deployed each side before the frame was lowered to the horizontal and the reflector raised and turned. Operated by a crew of 2 the cabin was air conditioned with filtered vents opened and doors closed to protect the equipment.

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1:35, 1:48, 1:56 28mm, 1:72


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