182 MGB Medium Girder Bridge



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The Medium Girder Bridge (MGB) is a lightweight, man portable bridge and can be assembled without help from heavy equipment. In addition, it is also a deck type, two-girder bridging system capable of carrying loads up to and including Main battle tanks (MBT).

MGB was originally produced by Fairey Engineering Ltd., in Stockport England and is still made to this day by its successor WFEL based on a design by MVEE in Christchurch.

MGB was originally sold to the British Army in 1971, subsequently also being sold to many other nations, including the Dutch, Danish, Swiss, German and US Militaries.

MGB medium girder bridge. is modular and can be made 1 or 2 tier with a reinforcing triangular lower sections.

The construction is made of connected bays with a ramp at each end. These bays are upper constructed of 2 outer upper panels with deck panels between. The bridge consists of these bays fitted together by knuckle joints to form the required length. A lower layer of a triangular panel can be fitted to give extra strength. At each end a ramp would be fitted. These would be made by a junction column providing the ramp angle, a pair of bays would be fitted to the column supported by an end taper panel. The Bankseat beam would support the end and provide the connection for the ramps.

I have designed the bays as pairs complete with lower triangle supports and kerbs. the end ramp sections include the 2 junction columns, a Bankseat beam, 3 deck panels and 7 ramps. Note: A pair of bays are needed to make the complete ramp.

A pair of bays kit contain materials to construct a section of 2 bays with decks, kerbs upper & lower bridge panels.

currently only produced in 1/35 scale, I may offer smaller scales if there is a demand.

Additional information

Weight 1800 g
Dimensions 350 × 450 × 150 mm

single Ramp end, Pair Ramp ends, 1x Bay pairs, 2x Bay pair, 2x bay pairs & ramp pair, 3xBay pairs, 3x bay pairs & ramp pair, 4xBay pairs, 4 x bay pairs & ramp pair, 5xBay pairs., 5x bay pairs & ramp pair


1:35, 1:48, 1:56 28mm, 1:72, 1/87


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