54 small squares



The standard handle holds a texturing roller of up to 55 mm width. the rollers are interchangeable and can emulate a variety of surfaces. they can be combined to expand the effect, for example a light application of the woodgrain or bark over or before applying a stone or paving roller will give a riven effect. An edging brick can give a convincing edge to walls, cobbles and paving. The bark roller can also be used to emulate water or rough terrain. We now also have a range to fit between ho/00 tracks.


The handle comes with 4 options, Standard = 1 roller width, Wide = 2 roller, Extra wide = 3 roller wide and Small, a new width specifically for between rollers but can also be used for edgings. We recommend the use of the handle to provide a more even pressure, thereby giving a better impression. Wide handle, – taking up to 2 rollers side by side – and extra wide handle -taking up to 3. Standard rollers are approx 54 mm wide.


Brickwork (stretcher & English cross bonds) , Corrugated sheeting and PSP are available in 3 scales; 1/35, 1/48 (28mm & O gauge) and 1/76 (15mm & OO gauge)


Random Slab/cut stone and Paving are available in large and small.


Cobbles are approx 2.5- 3 mm square small cobbles about half that.


Bark, Woodgrain, & various stone & cobblestone textures include fan designs


Herringbone Paviors large and small, approx 1/35 and 1/48 respectively and now 45degree herringbone.


Brick edging, 2 & 4 course available in 1/35 & 1/48


Paving: checker and off set in various sizes,


Skulls – yes skulls in 28mm, 1/48-56 scale for walls or floors in games like Necromunder


Between rollers – for between the tracks of oo/ho gauge tracks


Others will become available when possible. Suggestions welcome.

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 24 mm


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