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Among the most useful conversions of the Centurion tank was that of the bridge-layer. as well as transporting and deploying various bridges it could also be used as a crane for other purposes as well. This conversion could be used with my N0.6 or No, 9 bridges. Photographs show the prototype build in progress to finished build.

Centurion Bridgelayers were used to span gaps up to 45ft wide. Production began in the early 1960s when Mark 5 Gun Tanks were converted. The turret was removed and the hull was plated over. An access hatch was let into this plate for the radio operator. The fresh drinking water tank and an ammunition bin were removed from the left side of the driver and a commander’s position was inserted with a vision cupola for him to observe, but the actual laying of the bridge was carried out by the driver. A Rolls Royce B40 engine was installed in the space left by the removal of the turret basket. This engine powered the hydraulic system which operated the bridge launch mechanism. A support structure was built at the rear of the hull top.

The bridge was carried inverted on top of the tank hull. This meant that during the launch sequence the front of the launcher was lowered to the ground and the bridge raised vertically and then forward to its operating position. The tactical disadvantage of this was that at one point during the launch sequence the bridge end was nearly 55 ft in the air. Once the bridge was in position decking sections were placed between the two trackways to allow the passage of Centurions towing a mono-wheeled fuel trailer and also small wheeled vehicles and troops on foot. Launch time was 100 seconds and recover in 120 seconds. The bridge could be recovered from either end.

The Bridgelayer, without its Bridge, could be used as a crane to assemble the four individual sections of the Bridge when they had been delivered to the bridging site by four cargo trucks.

The Centurion Bridgelayer was superseded by the Chieftain Bridgelayer .


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