057 Land Rover Early Series 2 front base


Series2 front end base kit, starter kit for all Series2 models.


Land Rover early Series 2 front base kit

This is the part of the series 2 Land Rover that is common to all of the earlier variants I propose to offer. This kit consists of the front end cab with front doors, seats, steering wheel, front end including bonnet, & windscreen.

Start with this base then add any back kit to complete the model. The back kit will include: relevant chassis, back, seats, road wheels, roof and doors.

This is just the front end base kit, a suitable back/rear end needs to be added to make a full model

The interiors of the Series 2 were pretty standard

The Series 2 came in wheelbase lengths, 88” and 109”.

Late Series2 had the same front as the Series3, also available

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 54 mm

1:35, 1:43, 1:48, 1:56 28mm


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