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Our acrylic primers are also very easy to use. Thin using our thinner ONLY. No substitutes period. Our primers need to be activated.  Mixing in our thinner will instantly activate the primer. There are no tricks.  Our primer is acrylic and also non solvent based. Activating the primer will not turn it hot and will not damage any materials at all.

The primer must be thinned for proper performance and levelling. Mix it like you would mix paint. 20 to 30 % (2 or 3 drops thinner to 10 drops paint)  You do not have to do anything different. We do not recommend spraying straight from the bottle as the primer is thick so must be thinned. Your airbrush can be rinsed with water and then final spray though with MMP thinner. The Mission Models primer is dry to the touch in about 15min and drys super smooth and incredibly durable.  No sanding required.

We suggest shooting primer between 2-3″ from the work surface in light wet coats.  Do not spray in light dry coats.

Attention! Use Mission Models Thinner Only

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