098 No.58 webbing and pouches

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‘-At a request for 1/35 scale No.58 webbing and pouches as issued to the UK Army I have produced my 3d printed offering. A variety of pouches and the yolk, selling in a variety of sets. more pictures to come.

the yolks can be gently warmed and shaped to fit.

the optiona are:

A, 12 yolks

B. 24 Ammo pouches

C, 6 respirator pouches

D, 12 kidney pouches

E, 6 ponchos

F, 6 drinks pouches

G. 12 ammo pouches

H. 6 large pouches

I, 6 yolks – only available as part of a set

J, Set 1 1 of each: I D E G & H

K, Set 2 1 of each: G D E & H

M, SAS Set 1 of each: I B C D F & H

Additional information

Pack type

A 12 yolks, B 24 Ammo pouches, C 12 Respirator pouches, D 12 Kidney Pouches, E 6 Pancho rolls, F 6 drinks pouches, G 12 Ammo pouches, H 6 Large pouches, I 6 yolks, J set1 1eachof I, D, E, G, & H, K Set2 1each of G, D, E & H, M SAS set, 1each of I, B, C, D, F & H


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