101 Peli box 3d printed 1/35 scale Forces equipment Luggage


Forces equipment cases


Used to transport equipment safely these tough cases come in a variety of sizes. 3d printed in pla plastic.

Variations are

A, Air, (shown green for identification purposes)

B. Battery, (shown light green for identification purposes)

C, Comms (shown blue for identification purposes)

O, Open air boxes.

H, desert Hawk model kit

They are available in a number of combinations in 1/35 scale though larger scales can be produced on request.

Colours will vary, pictures for illustration only designs may vary.


Additional information


1. 3xA 1xB,1xC,, 2, 4xA, 1xO, 3, 5xA, 1xB 1xC & 1xO, 4, 6xA 2XB 2XC 2XO & 1xH


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