185 Self propelled Derrick seaport wrecker



/inspired by the YSD Seaplane wrecking derricks my model is loosely based on them.
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Full description: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YSD-11-class_crane_ship

YSD-11 Class Seaplane Wrecking Derrick is a class of US Navy derrick crane ship. While listed to service seaplanes the crane was able to lift small boats and large engines also. Hull classification symbol YSD is for Yard Seaplane Derrick, Yard as in ship repair yard. YSD-11s were used to remove broken seaplanes from the water for repair or regular maintenance. The US had 2,661 Consolidated PBY Catalina built for the war, Canada built 620. Other seaplanes built in mass production were the 1,366 Martin PBM Mariner, 749 Short Sunderland and 345 Grumman G-21 Goose. The YSD-11 Class Derrick was built to support naval operations during World War II, having a displacement of 220 tons no load and 270 tons loaded. The YSD-11 Class had a length of 104 feet; a beam of 31 feet and 2 inches; a draft of 4 feet. They had a top speed 10 knots, built with a steel hull. The ship had one American Hoist & Derrick model 685 rotating crane. The crane had a boom of 54 feet with a lifting capacity of 10 tons. The crane was powered by a 6-cylinder Cummins Diesel engine. The ship housed a crew of one Officer and 15 Enlisted men. The ships had a diving gear locker for the crew salvage work. For service power, the ship had two generators: one 30 kW Diesel engine to electric generator and one 20 kW Diesel Generator.

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My own pictures of the nearly completed prototype are shown here in color. the purpose of any prototype is to highlight any flaws of improvements needed. Production models will vary slightly from the pictures shown. Included will be an operational crane, some cargo drums and pallets, tires, life preservers, inflatables and a lifeboat. If requested I can build a lower hull to allow it to be motorized with the addition of RC. Initially made in 1/76 scale to go with OO/HO gauges I hope to offer it in other scales in the future.

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1:76, N Gauge


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