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This is a 3d printed design. I designed and printed it and as far as I’m aware its unique.


If you’ve ever knocked over a paint or glue bottle then you know the mess it makes, – as well as the cost!


I was asked by several friends to design an anti spill aid for paint and glue bottles. after several trial designs I found this the best and most stable. (in completely un-scientific tests with a kids boxing glove suspended on a piece of string!)


The first editions are suitable for :


1. TamHex; a hexagonal stand for square glue bottles such as Tamiya thin and extra thin glues


2. ClassicHex; a hexagonal stand for the classic 20ml. paint bottles as used by many manufacturers including; and the original Citadel. it will also take the 17.5ml. hexagonal bottles


3. PodHex: a hexagonal stand for those pesky little paint pods.


your items may have to be printed for you so just in case I’ve given myself time but will normally dispatch a lot quicker than the listing says.


The pictures are for illustration purposes only, colours will vary.

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Weight 25 g
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 24 mm


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