103 TrackLink Jig


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Designed to hold individual links to aid track assembly. There are 3 versions available, there are 2 sizes of the horizontal,

1. the original, flat, holds the links horizontally, suits links of 6-22mm length and – by demand – the new wider option

they are to hold single links in place while they are fixed together type1 holds them as in the picture, loosen the butterfly and move the jaws apart, insert the links between the jaws, move the jaws together to trap the links and tighten the butterfly nut to hold them in place. after fixing loosen the butterfly nut and move the jaws apart just enough to allow the links to slide. Slide the assembled links to one end then insert more links to join up and repeat the process.

1W, suits longer links of 11-30mm

2, vertical, holds the links vertically with both ends exposed,

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 100 × 80 × 20 mm
Jig Type

1 Horizontal jig for 6-22mm links, 1W horizontal for 11-30mm, 2 Vertical


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