Wolfgang’s Bratty Wagon 3d printed Mercedes burger van


A Mercedes Sprinter burger van with interior fittings 3d printed model kit



Wolfgang’s Bratty Wagon 3d printed Mercedes burger van, colours will vary, unpainted model kit


Wolfgang Meier was a German national who operated this van in and around the Soltau Training Area of north west Germany during the 1970s and 80s. I believe that he stopped trading in 1994. It is said that he used the profits from his Bratty Van to purchase a camping site which his daughter now runs. I believe that sadly Wolfgang has now gone to the big training area in the sky.

The most welcome sound heard by squaddies when on exercise in SLTA (Soltau-Luneburg Training Area) was the ting-a-ling ting-a-ling of the bell announcing the arrival of the Bratty Van (unless you count the Peep-Peep of Lay-By Lill and her campervan, but that is another story – she usually operated from a layby on the Fallingbostel to Walsrode road). When we were on exercise and went into a hide, which we were only made aware of its location a couple of hours before, if Wolfgang was not there waiting for us he would arrive soon after. We often wondered how he became aware of our location. It was thought that if he was not already a spy for the East Germans then he should have been.

In winter, when it was very cold it was a welcome sight to see the Bratty Van offering Bratwurst, Frites, Zwebeln und Senf oder Mayo (Long grilled German sausage, French Fries, Onions and German Mustard or Mayonnaise) along with steaming hot coffee, he even learned how to brew a good cup of tea. In summer it was filled rolls, superb ice cream and cold drinks. There was always a good supply of Yellow Handbags as well. A Yellow Handbag was a cardboard box containing ten 0.33l bottles of Herforder Pils, and the box was bright yellow, hence the nickname.

The Bratty Van was an old blue Mercedes panel van that had been converted to a fast-food van. The inside was fitted out with all the usual fast-food fittings and a plentiful supply of Yellow Handbags. A large hatch opened on the right side of the van and acted as a serving hatch. In the early days he rang a hand-bell to announce his arrival, but later I believe he had a set of ‘Ice-Cream jingles’ and loudspeakers mounted on the roof of the van. He must have had a hidden store somewhere on the van because I cannot recall him ever running out of anything. We often admired the way Wolfgang drove the van across the muddy surface of Soltau, but frequently he became bogged down and one of our vehicles had to rescue him. The cost of this rescue was the standard charge for a recovery operation – a Yellow Handbag.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 220 × 80 × 100 mm

1:35, 1:48, 1:56 28mm


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